Our Week 5/11-12/11/2017

Well this week has been another busy one.

Sunday we celebrated my birthday, 35 years old. I was spoiled rotten by Mr D and Miss Chloe. We went to the lovely garden centre in Enfield to look at the Christmas display followed by lunch at our new favourite restaurant Wildwoods.

Work has been crazy busy this week, and it has been another long week at nursery for Chloe. Mr D has done a Monday to Friday week at work which we are not used to as usually he shift is all over the place but I must admit I have enjoyed being at home at the weekend.

Yesterday I held my first Netmums meeting. It went well, not as well as I had hoped but I am super proud I went ahead with it. And am already planning for my next meeting in December.

I am now officially in Christmas countdown and will be doing my first Christmas activity next week with Auntie Lisa, we are off to the Excel centre for a Christmas craft fair, I am literally bursting with festive joy.


Hope you have all had a good week.

Mummy Em x

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