A whole new level of Mum guilt

As if Chloe’s first day at school wasn’t emotional enough, it hit me on the way home that apart from today and her first full day I won’t be the one to pick her up from school.

She will be collected most days from Mr D, or in after school club, queue, an immense amount of Mum guilt. As a Mum I feel that it is my role to be the one to pick her up from school each day, to walk home and listen to her day with all the excitement of a 4-year-old telling a story. But, like so many Mum’s now I work full-time and therefore I can’t always be there for these things. Luckily, she has Mr D who thanks to shift work gets to enjoy these moments.

But that will not stop the guilt of not being there to see her face each day, and not being the one to give her a cuddle if she has had a bad day, or to give her a high-five if she has had a fab day. But I will still be there each night for dinner time, and bedtime means it will be a little longer, so I can have a little more extra time with her to hear ALL about her day.

But, for the most part this Mum is going to be running on Mum guilt and coffee.

Mummy Em x

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