Things you automatically know once you become a parent

Parenting is a strange old thing. It does something strange to you and you will become excited about things that before your child arrived, you didn’t even know excited.

Examples of things I have found myself getting excited by are;

  • New series of children programmes. Once you have watched the same series of Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol you will look forward to watching a new one.
  • Managing to get one of the “must have” toys are Christmas. Which despite your child REALLY wanting nothing else ever in their life before, will not give it a 2nd glance come boxing day.
  • When you return to work on Monday and everyone swaps story’s as to what they done at the weekend or your input is “I made a cat on Aquabeads” and not feeling the slightest bit embarrassed.
  • Going to any event that involves a meet and great with a cartoon character. I love a photo opportunity.

Now unless you are a parent then words such as Aqua beads, Nom Noms and Hatchimals will mean absolutely diddle squat to you (obvs not Peppa Pig, even the little green men on the moon have heard of that bloody pig) but as a parent, these things make our little ones happy so that makes us happy.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing with the Aqua beads when your little one has gone to bed!

Mummy Em x




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