The F*&k you fours

Why is none of the baby books tell you what happens to your beautiful bundle of joy the moment the approach their 4th birthday?

Chloe is now 4 and hands down I can say hand on heart, 4 is a bazillion times harder than a new born. At least when they are a new born they don’t answer back, they stay still and don’t make a mess.

I swear 4 is a whole new ball game and only Chloe knows the rules.

I completely appreciate that 4 is probably a hard age, no longer a toddler but not quite grown up. But boy, I would like just one day that didn’t involve me having a full blown debate about me asking for a simple task to be completed such as wipe your butt.

When your child becomes 4, everything becomes a battle. Bedtime, dinner time and our own personal battle at the moment is bath time. My neighbours must think I am torturing Chloe the amount of screaming and shouting that takes place just to get her in the bath. It is most times a two person job with me and Mr D tag teaming, one washing her hair the other rinsing, by the time bath time is over with we both look like we have just wrestled a 20ft whale.

The speed of different emotions a 4 year old goes through throughout the course of a day surprises me each day. How is it possible for such fury to come from a small person when you deliver to them a sandwich they requested just 2 minutes ago, that they have now changed their mind and expect you to know with out actually telling you.

4 year olds are the meanest, craziest boss I think I will ever have but boy is she funny caring cute and all mine.

Mummy Em x

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