What the parenting books forget to mention

When you are pregnant parenting books are great for advice on what to expect when pregnant and you have a new-born baby. However what they very rarely mention is that your child will turn in to the Devil spawn on their 4th birthday.

By far 4 has been the hardest age for me. New born wasn’t fun, but it is expected to be challenging and you get through it. At 1 it is fun as they are learning to walk and are turning in to a person. At 2 it gets harder but they nap still so there is still a small ray of light. At 3 they are now walking, talking and thinking for themselves and showing you who is boss. At 4 they are the boss of everything!

Chloe has really come into herself in the last few months and is showing us she is the real boss of the house, and you know what sometimes yes we do let her get away with it, as sometimes you have to pick your battles.

We have now reached the stage of full-blown tantrums, that result in her huffing of to her room, and telling us if we don’t say yes to her crazy request, we will be put in time out. I pray for the days I get to actually go on time out!

I know it must be hard for her with all the changes that are about to happen. She only has 6 weeks left of nursery and then see is off to big school. And although I know she is totally ready for this next milestone, it is still a lot of change.

It is all about pushing buttons, and a 4 year old knows exactly which buttons to push trust me. But you try staying serious when you have just told you child off for something, and their response in the most serious tone is “How dare you say that to me!”

I really don’t know where she gets it from. Give me a new-born any day.

Love Mummy Em x

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