How not to do the morning school run

Chloe has been going to nursery since she was one, and most mornings are good, not perfect, but good.

However, just after Christmas that all changed. She point blank refused to go. She, at one point got back into her bed and put the cover over her head.

I tried absolutely everything to get her to nursery, from the promise of a treat afterwards, to a bag of crisps for breakfast nothing worked until I brought out the big guns, I told Chloe I had a pet Guinea pig at work! I know, I know.

Now there is method to my madness, I promise. For her birthday she had asked for a guinea pig, I had got her a soft toy one that squeaked and a cage, which was at work and I told a little white lie that we would go to my work to get it. Wow, she never moved so quick and I had never felt so crap!

Trust me, kids don’t forget anything, all the way she was telling everyone she was going to mummy’s work to get a guinea pig, when I had no intentions of taking her to my work. I had to think quick so I did what I had to do, I pretended the Guinea pig called me on my mobile and that he was heading to nursery and would meet her there. Crazy? Yes. Bad parenting on my part? Possible. Did it work? Hell yes!

I’m not the only mama to haveproblems with getting their kiddies to school. Here are some other mamas tips and advice;

Gail Maynes – Talk about their friends at nursery and all the fun things they will do to make them realise how much fun they will have there

Emma Read advises┬átelling them how boring it is at home, and that you will have no time to play as you will be doing the housework etc and how much more fun pre-school will be –

Lianne Freeman from Anklebiters Adventures recommends getting them ready for what id going to happen the night before so they know what is going to happen.

And quite possibly my favourite bit of advise from Frances Taylor at Winge Whinge Wine –

Drag them kicking and screaming, not got time for that shit, stuff to do!

But I think some days kids are just like us and really just don’t fancy it. Once there things are fine and when you pick them up at the end of the day the stress of the morning has completely been forgotten about.

So, next time you spend the morning dealing with point blank refusal to go to school/nursery and you feel like utter crap when you drop your wee one off with tears running down your cheeks, remember you are not the only one this is happening to.

And it could be worse you could have promised your daughter a Guinea pig and then have to deal with the fall out of them finding out its not real.

Mummy Em x



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