When mummy guilt consumes you

So on Wednesday I got a call from Chloe’s nursery to say that she was poorly and it was suspected hand foot and mouth. Just what I needed when work is manic and I am trying to prove that I can be a super full time work mum (and a sometimes good wife.)

But as a mum Chloe comes first so of course l left to go and collect her, I left the massive pile of work on my desk and the emails in my inbox and made the trip to get Chloe.

But on my way to get her I kept thinking I’m letting people at work down. I’ve left my colleague on her own, and then the anxiety starts of all the work that I will come back to. And then the mummy guilt jumps in to kick me in the tits and remind me that I should be concerned about my poorly child.

So yesterday when I had to call in sick as I needed to be mummy for the day and look aftwr Chloe the anxiety of letting people down kicked in again. That feeling of being unreliable because I’m a working mum and my child has to come first. Now my work are good and if I need to take time off for Chloe they never say anything as they all have kids and know the situation, but that doesn’t stop me putting myself under sometimes unnecessary stress and pressure.

So Today I will go to work and will be full of mummy guilt for having to leave my child. I will go to work feeling guilty that whilst at home looking after her I was worried about the seventy billion things I had going on at work that I needed to do.

As a mum we have a lot of plates to juggle. And sometimes we have to admit that we are not super woman. Sometimes it’s ok to admit that you are just Emma and sometimes it’s ok to drop some plates.

Mummy Em x


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