How is this possible?

How has this day come?

How is it possible that Chloe is going to school? I swear she was born 5 minutes ago.

When she was born the thought of her going to school seemed like an eternity. I had such big plans that would be in place before she started school, I guess my jam farm in Devon will have to wait!

I thought I would have more time to be crap at all the Pinterest and sensory stuff that I feel I should be good at but really I’m not (really, I’m shocking) I thought I had more time to do lots of “making memories” what with this being one of her 18 summers before she leaves and forgets who I am.

But I don’t, I have 5 days. 5 days until Chloe is in reception class. 5 days until she is starting the biggest adventure of her life. 5 days until she makes friends that may last her a lifetime. 5 days until she is on the path to setting her future in fire and ruling the world (will make a change from ruling the house)

So if anyone wants me for the next 5 days I will be with my girl having all the cuddles, all the fun and all the us time.

Mummy Em x

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