Blogtober17 day 2 #Babies

Before becoming a mama I imagined myself having at least 2 children. In an ideal world it would be one of each, with the boy being first so he could grow up to look after his little sister. But it isn’t to be. You see for me pregnancy was awful. It wasn’t even a bad […]

#BLOGtober 2017 Day 1 – All about me.

This month I am taking part in #BLOGtober 2017. This means I will be sharing a blog post every day which is just what I need to get my mojo back. Day 1 is all about me. So here are 5 things about me….. 1. I am a vegetarian. This is my 5th attempt at […]

When food becomes the enemy

Food was my life. I use to LOVE food. Talking about food, thinking about food, looking at food. Food glorious food. That was up until about 18 months ago when food become the enemy. You see I have a hiatus hernia. And what that means is a part of my stomach moves up in to […]

Strawberry picking at Cammas Hall

On Thursday we went to Cammas Hall for Strawberry picking, a very quintessentially British activity, and something on my June wish list.  Unfortunately the weather on Thursday was typical british summer time and was overcast and windy, but that didn’t stop us. When we arrived Miss Chloe clocked the big outside playground and […]

Today I am broken

Today has broken me! Miss Chloe has been hard work today, I don’t know if it is the heat or she is not used to me being at home all week but everything has been a battle today. There is been a ridiculous amount of full blown tantrums over absolutely nothing. I asked for a […]

Saturday morning now I’m a mama

I use to love the weekend. The long lay ins, afternoon shopping trips, late lunches and spontaneous night’s out. But all that has changed now I’m a mama. Here is what my Saturday’s now look like; Wake up at the arse crack of dawn by the threenager shouting “mama,mama I’m not gonna ask you again […]

Fairlop Fair

On Saturday we headed to Fairlop Waters for their annual fair. This was our first time going to the fair but not our first visit to the park as it is one of our favourites and is opposite Chloe’s nursery. As you may be aware we love a local day out and the fair is […]

My birth story

All through my pregnancy I was adamant that I didn’t want to have an epidural as I had heard stories of all the things that could go wrong, and had decided on having a water birth in the local hospitals birthing suite. As my due date come and went and my bump got bigger and […]

** Review – Colchester Zoo **

For our anniversary we wanted to go on a family day out and where better than the zoo? Or so we thought. We were toying between London zoo and Colchester but in the end choose Colchester as it was closer but in hindsight I wish we made the trip to London.  We arrived at […]