Netmums Meeting number 3

So, yesterday was my 3rd Netmums meet up. They are growing slowly, but you know what it isn’t the number of people that turn up that makes me feel proud it is that I am putting myself out there and organising these events. These months event was held at If you would like to […]

Valentines then & now

Valentines oh how I love thee. The romance, the love, the gifts (especially the gifts). Before children Valentines would consist of fancy meals, pink champagne, sexy underwear,roses and if your lucky the night will end with bouncy cuddles. Fast forward to Valentine’s with children and the fancy meals are replaced with a quick ready meals, […]

REVIEW – Willows Farm

For Chloe’s birthday we headed to Willows Farm in St Albans after hearing lots of really good things about it. Willows Farm is a children’s (and adults) dream come true with everything you could want from a day out all in one place. The main attraction for us was the Peter Rabbit aspect and that […]

10 things all Mamas Google

When you become a parent Google will become your new best friend. No matter how crazy the question Google will always have the answers. Now matter what time it is, Google is always there for you. Here are 10 things that I would say 99% of mamas have googled at one time or another; Does […]

REVIEW Kids Quest

Last week we were invited to go and visit Kids Quest, the new soft play area located in Creams Café in Ilford Town Centre. It is brilliant. The staff are so lovely and what I loved most was that they took the time to know the names of every child in there, and go […]

How not to do the morning school run

Chloe has been going to nursery since she was one, and most mornings are good, not perfect, but good. However, just after Christmas that all changed. She point blank refused to go. She, at one point got back into her bed and put the cover over her head. I tried absolutely everything to get her […]

The F*&k you fours

Why is none of the baby books tell you what happens to your beautiful bundle of joy the moment the approach their 4th birthday? Chloe is now 4 and hands down I can say hand on heart, 4 is a bazillion times harder than a new born. At least when they are a new born […]