Netmums Meeting number 3

So, yesterday was my 3rd Netmums meet up.

They are growing slowly, but you know what it isn’t the number of people that turn up that makes me feel proud it is that I am putting myself out there and organising these events.

These months event was held at

If you would like to know more about Kids Quest take a look at my review above.

The meetings are to help Mum’s, Dad’s, hell even Nan & Grandad’s to meet new people, find out what is happening in the local area and make some friends.

When Chloe was little I didn’t go to one baby group. The thought of going out to meet other Mum’s actually filled me with dread, and plus there wasn’t a lot going on area my area or if there was it was times/days that didn’t suit me. A little bit of me does feel I missed out a bit and Chloe may have missed out on making friends.

As a working parent groups in the week are not practical, and no where seems to do any on a weekend. My groups therefore are only held on the weekend.  Most of the time they are on a Saturday but i think the April one i might try for a Sunday to see if we get a better turn out.

So if you are a local mum, looking to make some new friends, find out what is going in the area, or just looking to kill a few hours on a Saturday then keep your eyes out on my Facebook page for details – 

Hope to see you at one of the events soon.



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