So, that was October

October has been a super busy month for us. We had Mr D’s birthday at the beginning of October.

We have also had lots of days out including a reading we was invites to at the local library, a trip to our favourite Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green and of course lovely days with Lizzie and Auntie Lisa.

Last night Chloe attended her first Halloween party at her nursery which she enjoyed.

We also had some good news. Mr D test for his heart come back and all is good so that is a big weight off our shoulders.

Now Halloween is out the way I am itching to put my tree up and getting started on all the festive activities we have planned.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention I am now a Netmums Chairman for Redbridge which means I get to meet lots of new mums and dads at some fun events I will be planning so remember to keep an eye out for what is coming up.

Hope you have all had a great October.

Mummy Em x


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