Valentines then & now

Valentines oh how I love thee. The romance, the love, the gifts (especially the gifts).

Before children Valentines would consist of fancy meals, pink champagne, sexy underwear,roses and if your lucky the night will end with bouncy cuddles.

Fast forward to Valentine’s with children and the fancy meals are replaced with a quick ready meals, champagne is replaced with either coffee to get through bedtime or gin if it’s been a particularly difficult day, sexy underwear is replaced with comfy knickers and leggings and the only bouncing going on in your bed is from an over excited 4 year old at bedtime.

So, here is to Valentines 2018, which will be spent bribing a 4 year old to go to bed so me and the hubby can “Netflix & chill” and by that I mean pig out on sweets on the sofa¬† & finally getting to the end of Breaking Bad before going to bed and ignoring each other while looking on Facebook.

Happy Valentines peeps.

Mummy Em x




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