Shout out to the Dads

Here’s a shout out to all the Dad’s on Father’s day.

The full time Dad’s, the part time dad’s, the Mum’s that are both Mum & Dad, and the step Dad’s.

Here is to all the dad’s that drive their wife mad by choosing bedtime to start a wrestling match with an already over tired 4 year old.

To the Dad’s that are big kids at heart and pretend they are buying things for the kids but really it is for them and their “grown up” collection of action figures.

To the Dad’s that work their fingers to the bone, and sacrifice family time and missing milestones to give their family everything.

To the Dad’s that make everything an adventure and can turn a stick into Thor’s hammer with the help of some imagination.

And here is to the Mum’s that are being Mum & Dad.

Here is to the Dad’s who are parenting the Sh*t out of life!

Happy Father’s Day!

Love Mummy Em x

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