Getting ready for School

I can’t believe it’s time for Chloe to start school ready.

You think you have loads of time and then all of a sudden its August and you realise you only have 4 weeks until your little baby is not so little anymore and is about to start a whole new adventure.

I am not too concerned with the school day as it actually works out that Chloe’s school day will be shorter than her nursery day she does at the moment. My worry is what if no one sits with her at lunch, or no one picks her to be in their team for P. E. What if no one plays with her at break time and she can’t open her bag of crisps.

I know it is a new adventure and probably her biggest milestone and I have to let her spread her wings and not hold her back , but I small (OK massive) part of me wants to keep her at home with me snuggled up so I can sit with her at lunch and pick her for sports and play with her at playtime.

I know that come September she will be running through those school gates ready to make new friends and have all the fun and soak up all the new experiences. And I know 100% I will be an absolute mess at the school gates waving goodbye to my baby and counting down the hours until I can collect her and listen about her day.

Chloe going off to school almost makes me broody for another baby (almost)

Mummy Em x

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