Funny tales from a 3 year old

Chloe is going through a funny phase at the moment of telling stories of when she was a baby. Now these stories are completely made up and some are absolutely bonkers.

Her favourite ones at the moment include

when I was a baby I had 2 dad’s, but only for 2 weeks!”

“When I was a baby mummy forgot me but Tinkerbell come to get me so it was ok”

When I was a baby I remember seeing you at your wedding” (she was in my belly at the time!)

I am slightly concernedat what tall tales she tells the teachers at nursery.

I think it must be a phase they go through as my sister in law told me that when my neice started school she told the teachers she had 2 Skelton brothers. The teachers had to speak to my sister in law to ask if she has had 2 babies that had passed away! Kids imaginations are such a funny thing.

What funny stories have your little ones come out with that has left you wishing the earth would swallow you whole?

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  1. Haha, bless her!
    I had a great one when I was childminding:
    Apart from the fact a four year old told me her mum was pregnant again before they were ready..
    I was giving lunch to two boys one day, a 3 and 4 year old and they were trying to out-lie each other with super hero’s and all sorts, until “my mummy hits me with a hammer”! Hmmm, do I invoke child protection procedures or subtlety take a look for any marks/bruises (none) and quietely mention to his mum that it might not be a good idea if he tells these sort of tall tales to anyone else? Chose the latter, she was no embarrassed!!

  2. My son once told my husband that “Mummy had fun playing with the naked man today”. We had been at a friend’s house and her 3 year old son had spent the whole day naked! Good job my husband knows me well!

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