My first Netmums meeting

I have recently become a Netmums chairman for the Ilford and Newbury Park area.

Many of you would have already heard about Netmums as they have a big social media following and is a great place to go for advise for mums, old and new. When I see them advertising on Facebook for group chairmen for local areas I completed the application form not really expecting to hear back. But to my surprise I did hear back, and not only that my application was successful.

So, what does a Netmums chairman involve and what is a Netmums meeting? Ok, so the idea behind the Netmums meet up is to get mums (& dads) in the local area meeting up and meeting new friends. It is a great way to learn about events going on in your local area and also meet new friends for both you and your little one.

I held my first meeting in a meeting room at our local Library in Barkingside . I advertised it on all the Facebook mum pages and selling pages, and also my MummyEmBlog Facebook page – Anywhere to get the word out there. The initial feedback when I mentioned holding a meeting was very promising, which perhaps filled me with a little to much confidence. Yes I thought I can do this!

But as the event grew closer not many people were interested in the event and even this morning despite sharing posts on Twitter and Facebook there didn’t seem that much interest.

Never mind I thought people will pop in, they know where I am. I got to the event early with Chloe and started setting up. What if no one come? What if loads of people come?


Just after 12pm, the door opened and my first new mummy friend arrived with her little girl. As soon as she walked in I felt the nerves slide away. I did it. I arrange an event and Someone turned up. As the 2 hours ticked by and the girls played together I wasn’t bothered that no one else had arrived. I was just proud of myself that I had put myself out there, organised an event and someone come. In fact I was bloody proud of myself. A year ago I probably wouldn’t have even gone to a mummy event let alone organise my own one.

I now feel like I have the confidence to do my next meeting, and have already started advertising it. And you know what so what if only 2 people arrive this time, I am doing something that I enjoy doing and I am doing something out of my comfort zone. So for me that is good enough.

Mummy Em x


**Incase you wanted to come to the next Netmums meeting it will be held at Creams Café Gants Hill IG2 6HE on 9/12/2017 12-2pm.

One thought on “My first Netmums meeting

  1. Well done for doing this. I used to volunteer for a local football team with events and would be terrified no one would turn up.
    The fellow mum will tell her friends and you might find a few more next meet up.
    Either you did it! X

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