**Review** London Transport Museum

Back in December  during the Christmas – New Year no man time, we visited London Transport Museum in Covent Garden https://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/

I am a little ashamed to say that I have been to Covent Garden numerous times over the years and I didn’t realise exactly were the museum was situated. It is sort of tucked away in a corner by the Plazza.

Unlike a lot of the museums in London, this one is not free to enter. The is an admission price of £17.50 for adults and kids go free. It may seem like a lot of money, but the ticket allows for unlimited entry for a whole year. And you will certainly want to re-visit.

As soon as you enter there is so much to see and do. There is even some fab activity cards for you to take to do around the museum. We picked up one to design your own Oyster Card, and some other fun bits.


As you go around the museum there are stamps to collect as well. Upon entry you are given a card for The Stamper Trail. As you go around you have to collect all 13 stamps. This was great for and I think Mr D may have enjoyed this more then the kids!

The great thing with this museum is that there is stuff for all age ranges. We enjoyed it as adults, Chloe enjoyed it,  and my niece who is 8 loved it as well. The other thing I love is that it is really well thought out in terms of kids. It is fun for kids. There is plenty for them to do to make it feel like fun, whilst still learning.

I must say my favourite part was getting to go on the old route master buses. I used to love getting on them to go to London.

As it was Christmas when we went they had a beautiful little section that had been decked out like a little Winter Wonderland with lots of fairy lights, fluffy pillows,  faux fur throws and a winter scene for story time. There was also a arts and crafts area where the kids got to make their own lanterns.

When it come to lunch time, we took a picnic, and what I thought was really lovely was that you could eat your lunch pretty much in the centre of the museum. You wasn’t tucked away in a room somewhere, you could sit right in the thick of it and take in all that was going on. Although we took a picnic, there is a small café area serving some food and hot and cold drinks. But like most of these places they can work out expensive.

What I liked was because it is not a huge museum the little ones are not going to get bored, there is something for them to see at every turn. We spent probably just over 2 hours there, and would say that that was pretty good going for us.

We visited on a Saturday and during the holiday period do it was probably a extremely busy time to attend, but with that said the girls still got to go on everything and we didn’t have a wait for a table for lunch. I would say opening time is the best time to visit if you don’t like big crowds. But as it is located in one of the busiest (and my favourite) parts of London it is always going to be busy,

We give London Transport Museum a massive thumbs up, and cant wait to go back soon.


Mummy Em x


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