Legoland Windsor *REVIEW*

In May we visited Legoland Windsor for the bank holiday weekend.

Although we enjoyed it I am sad to say it isn’t somewhere we would rush back to.

It is a great place to visit if you are an avid Lego fan which we are not. The weekend we attended was Star Wars weekend which was a bonus as I have a husband who loves Star wars and this was the saving factor for our visit.
We booked our tickets in advance to save the queuing to enter and arrive around 20 minutes after opening, but we still queued to get in, and the queue system is sort of every man for their self so there is a lot of pushing in. Oh and you have to pay for parking which is harsh considering how much the tickets cost. Parking charges are £6 which you can purchase when leaving the park.

As mentioned the weekend we attended was a bank holiday, extremely hot and Star Wars weekend which meant it was extremely busy. The  lines were ridiculous and some rides we queued for over 30 minutes, which as you know with a 4 year old is no fun.

On our first day we aimed to get the parts we really wanted to see/done and out the way. This included meeting as many Star wars Characters as possible, which I think was pretty much achieved, although I have no idea who any of the characters are. Disappointingly we didn’t see any Lego Characters walking around the park.
One of my favourite parts of the park is the Mini City, the skill and detail gone in to making them is amazing. My favourite was London and Russia. Absolutely amazing.

The rides were also a little disappointing, again this was due to the long ques. You could purchase a thing called a QueBot, which would give you a time slot and would allow access straight on to the rides, which although is a good idea they are super expensive. There is a wide range of rides, from a submarine ride, the gold old Pirate Ship & Log Flume and other smaller rides for the little ones. The main ride is the Dragon roller coaster. The wait time for this was way over an hour and up and down a lot of stairs, when we finally got to the front of the ride we were informed that the roller coaster was no longer working and we could either wait (they didn’t know how long) or we could have a ticket to queue hop on any ride of our choice, We didn’t think Chloe would wait any longer and to be honest I don’t think we could either, so we took the queue jump pass, but this was a bit of a waste of time as even with this the queue time for rides was still 45 minutes.

One of the great parts was the Duplo Splash Park which we could have all stayed in most of the day. There are two sections on for the slightly bigger children that has big water slides and then the smaller one that has animals that spray water. But as it was such a busy day it was packed, just remember if you go to take swimwear for the little ones and a towel. We all got soaked but it was just what we needed to cool us all down.

Chloe (and us) loved the live show, which was a pirate show and very interactive, and wet if you sat right at the front. In fact we enjoyed it so much we watched it twice. This was the only part of the park we saw any Lego characters.
As I mentioned the weekend of our visit was the Star Wars event and we visited a really cool exhibition that had all the star wars sets made up with Lego figures with details of the characters and fun facts about the real sets, great for Star Wars geeks like hubby.

There are plenty of food outlets around the park including a pizza buffet and chicken shop, but again these are all super busy and when you have a hungry and hot 4 year old there is no option of waiting for food, so we took a picnic and just grabbed drinks and ice creams throughout the day. They did have an offer of a re-useable flask that you pay £7 for and you can have it re-filled at any stall for free, but only with fizzy drinks.

We did spend two full days there, and I think spreading it out over two days works best so you are not trying to cram everything in. And I am sure there were areas that we missed. But all in all it was very busy, long queues and to be honest a little bit disappointing and will not be one we will be returning to.

I would love to hear what you thought from your visit.

Mummy Em x

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  1. Thanks for this it was really helpful. We’re Going in August so I imagine it will be busy. Our little man is a huge LEGO fan so hoping it will all be worth it for us x

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