The Big Sheep *REVIEW*

The Big Sheep literally has everything you could want from a family day out.

Animals – Check, rides – check, soft play -check, great café -check, plus so much more, it really is a fab day out.

We visited on Easter Friday, and although the Great British weather wasn’t great, it didn’t stop the fun. The first stop for Chloe was the roller coaster. I don’t know where she gets her love of roller coasters from because it certainly isn’t me! In fact, she loved it so much she went on it 5 times.

As well as the roller coaster, there is a tractor trail, swings, a carousel and a really fun Piggy tractor which Chloe absolutely loved. Plus, there are the Swan pedalo’s, which I cant help but think of a Peppa Pig episode each time I go on one.

As it is Spring (or supposed to be) it is Lambing season, and in the animal barn we were lucky enough to meet all the baby lambs, plus we even got to see some that had literally just been born. There was also baby goats, have you ever seen a baby goat? Quite possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Chloe feel in love with the Sheep Dog puppies that have just been born.

Chloe also got to go on a  Pony rides for £1, which she loved, she even got a little rosette. Seeing her riding around on a little Pony was so sweet.

Other great activities available are, a giant bounce pillow, usually Chloe would have been all over this, but with the weather not being great she couldn’t get anywhere near it. Plus  go carting and a great activity/climbing area.

Plus, a winner for any 4 year old is……..Soft Play! This one will not disappoint, it is huge and has some amazing slides which of course, Mr D had to test out. We only managed to get Chloe out with the promise of one last ride on the roller coaster.

The soft play area is situated in one of the 2 food areas. This one is more child friendly, and the other one by the main entrance has more of a barn feel and serves amazing food and the most delicious looking cakes.

As I said, we visited the park on Good Friday and took part in the Easter Egg hunt. Each child has to find 3 mini eggs scattered around the park to exchange for 1 large egg at the entrance desk. This was harder than you think it might be, but as we were getting ready to leave we see the lady “laying” new eggs, so we causally walked behind her! Plus Chloe was lucky enough to meet the Easter Bunny and get a picture with him.

The highlight of the trip for me was the Sheep talk, and watching a sheep being sheared. The man doing the talk was so good and made it fun for the kids and adults, and even threw in some rude jokes for the grown ups. Plus for a City girl like me learning about the whole sheep shearing process is interesting, and Chloe sat through it and took it all in. We also learnt about the other types of sheep and where they come from around the world. I was totally hooked from start to finish. If you go for a visit, you must check this out.

If you check out their website, they have lots of events taking place throughout the year, including Toddler Take Over Days throughout 2018.

If you are in North Devon then this has to be on your to do list! It is a firm 10/10 from us.

Entry price – £14.95 – (Adults, Children,  Seniors)

Groups of 4 or more £14.95 pp

Children under 3ft – £6

Babies under 12mths – FREE

***Return within a week entry is only £5pp***

I would love to hear from you if you have visited.


Mummy Em x



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