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Strawberry picking at Cammas Hall

On Thursday we went to Cammas Hall for Strawberry picking, a very quintessentially British activity, and something on my June wish list.  Unfortunately the weather on Thursday was typical british summer time and was overcast and windy, but… Continue reading →

Today I am broken

Today has broken me! Miss Chloe has been hard work today, I don’t know if it is the heat or she is not used to me being at home all week but everything has been a battle today. There is… Continue reading →

Saturday morning now I’m a mama

I use to love the weekend. The long lay ins, afternoon shopping trips, late lunches and spontaneous night’s out. But all that has changed now I’m a mama. Here is what my Saturday’s now look like; Wake up at the… Continue reading →

Fairlop Fair

On Saturday we headed to Fairlop Waters for their annual fair. This was our first time going to the fair but not our first visit to the park as it is one of our favourites and is opposite Chloe’s nursery…. Continue reading →

My birth story

All through my pregnancy I was adamant that I didn’t want to have an epidural as I had heard stories of all the things that could go wrong, and had decided on having a water birth in the local hospitals… Continue reading →

** Review – Colchester Zoo **

For our anniversary we wanted to go on a family day out and where better than the zoo? Or so we thought. We were toying between London zoo and Colchester but in the end choose Colchester as it was closer… Continue reading →

My regrets of not breastfeeding

As part of National Breastfeeding week (1-7th August) I thought I would share my story. When I was pregnant I had every intention of breastfeeding. I was so adement that this is what I wanted to do and IT WOULD… Continue reading →

Mummy milestones

We have all seen the baby milestone cards, baby’s first smile, first tooth, first steps. This got me thinking about all the mummy milestones. The difference between baby and mummy milestones is that the baby ones are things you are… Continue reading →

Our favourite bedtime books

Chloe is really loving reading at the moment and it is a big part of our bedtime routine. Here are some of our favourite books at the moment……….  Old Bear Stories. These are lovely stories about a wise old… Continue reading →

10 things that make me happy

I was recently tagged by Mama Mighalls to complete the 10 things that make me happy tag. Some of these are obvious, some of them not so. I hope you enjoy. Mr D. - Mr D is the biggest kid I know. He is like Peter Pan, but you know what I wouldn't change him. We have been together for 15 years and married for 4. Life together hasn't always been plain sailing and we have had our fair share of ups and downs , but I truly believe everything happens for a reason and all we have been through has made us stronger. My beautiful Chloe - She is truly the best thing to ever happen to us. I could not imagine life without her now. She lights up our life and nothing makes me more proud then watching her grow and learning new things every day and being able to say I am her mama. Food-Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE food. If I am not eating it, I am thinking about it. I also think I may be a little bit of a feeder. My all time favourite meal is Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Family - Family means different things to different people. I am not overly close to my mum and dad. My closest family is my little brother and his family who I spend most weekends with. Chloe and her big cousin Lizzie have an amazing friendship/relationship which I love watching blossom. Routine - Yes, I know this one may seem a bit like a strange one, but I am a creature of habit. I love the boring everyday routine. I work best following structure and don't particularly like things to mess up my routine as it can kick start my anxiety as I think that by doing something different with the routine can make something bad happen. Stupid I know. Days out - Ever since becoming a mum days out are my favourite thing ever. The best ones are the ones we go one as a family. As Mr D works shifts he doesn't always get weekends off work, so when he does we try to really make a big deal of them and have a weekend adventure somewhere. When it is just me and Chloe of a weekend I still try to make them fun and we go out to the local park for picnics and meet up with my brother and his family. 80's - I adore the 80's. The music, films and yes even the fashion. I was born in the early 80's so was too young to appreciate how awesome they were. How can you not love Wham and 80's Madonna?! Sleep - Oh how I miss thee. I don't think I have had a good nights sleep in 4 years. Even before Chloe was born and I was pregnant I didn't sleep great as it is impossible to get comfortable when it feels like you have a baby hippo growing inside you. And then with a new born with reflux sleep is something that just doesn't happen. Now she is old and yes, she does sleep but I am up later and later at night trying to spend time with Mr D, or catching up and housework or trying to have a bit of me time. Organising - I love to re-arrange things (and throw stuff out) I think since having Chloe I re-organise more due to all the stuff that comes with having children. Trying to find a place for ALL the toys could be a full time job in itself. Does anyone else spend all day tidying and re-organising and then wish everyone would move out so it stayed how you left it? Devon - Mr D's family are from Devon and we go there most years on holiday. It is such a beautiful part of the country with stunning beaches and so much to do. When I win the lottery I plan to move to a farm in Devon and live off my land making jam. So there you have it, the 10 things that make me happy. I would like to tag the following bloggers: Jodie at Autism with lots of love and affection - Vicky at The Tactical mummy - Jeanette at Autism Mumma - https;// Thanks for reading. Mummy Em x

I was recently tagged by Mama Mighalls to complete the 10 things that make me happy tag. Some of these are obvious, some of them not so. I hope you enjoy. Mr D. – Mr D is the biggest kid… Continue reading →

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